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Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 Release Date

Insomniac’s upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine is one of, if not arguably the most anticipated PlayStation exclusive title coming to PS5 in the near future.

So the big question of course is when will we all get to play it. What is the release date for Marvel’s Wolverine?

Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 Release Date

Currently, we have no idea as to what the release date will be. We don’t even really know what year it’ll release in.

To make matters more complicated, the recent ransomware attack on Insomniac which resulted in thousands of documents, videos, images, even a very early playable version of Wolverine being published online definitely didn’t speed things up as to its development.

While that attack did also reveal potential release windows, it’s not worth keeping those in mind as they were already potentially outdated before being stolen and released online.

It’s also worth noting that release dates are the kinds of things in the industry that can change even at the last minute, even after they’ve been announced.

As more news about Marvel’s Wolverine and its release date comes, we’ll update this article.