World of Tanks PS4 is getting a single-player mode


World of Tanks PS4 – check out the new single-player mode!

War Gaming has announced that a new single-player campaign will be rolling out for World of Tanks on PlayStation 4.

War Stories will be released on August 22, and offers an episodic, story-focused experience playable either solo or cooperatively, which takes you through historical events and alternative histories. 

There’s also a new tutorial mode that takes newcomers through a three-party training mission, which covers the fundamentals of movement, scouting, sniping, and tank armor/performance capabilities. 

One of the missions detailed is known as Flashpoint Berlin, where the Allies and Soviets clash in Germany after the Allied High Commission rule that the Soviet blockade of Berlin is in violation of the Potsdam Agreements. As a result, the two armies clash in armoured warfare.

And this is only the beginning, as Wargaming promises to introduce new campaigns to War Stories throughout the year, including historic, alternative history and fantasy campaigns ratcheting up the intensity like never before. The battlefield is about to change, and we can’t wait for everybody to jump inside these War Stories as Wargaming unleashes the ultimate World of Tanks experience exclusive to console.”

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Source: PlayStation Blog