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World Of Tanks Update 1.74 Adds New WW2 Premium Tank And Summertime Event

War Gaming has unleashed the World of Tanks update 1.74 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which adds a bunch of key content into the mix, including a new WW2 Premium Tank and the Summertime Event.

Read up on the World of Tanks 1.74 patch notes below.

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New WW2 Premium Tank: ES 75 TS

On Track: Czech

Summertime Event

Fathers Day Weekend Event

Insider Information First Look:

Bisonte C45

*This tank is still in development and may not reflect how it looks upon release*

**This tank does not release tomorrow. It is just a first look. Release date for this tank is not set**


On Friday, we talked about fixes for both the gun raising and reticle jumps bugs arriving Tuesday. Tomorrow we will confirm if they are fixed.


Fun Under The Sun:

M41B Brazilian Bulldog


Beach Party

Battalion 23 Commander

Desert Heat:

Nomad Somua SM


Black Skull Emblem


Cunning Ocelot Commander

Tigers On The Prowl:

Tiger 217

Heavy Tank no. VI


Summertime Faves

FV1066 Senlac

King Dragon Type 59

HMH M51 Super Sherman

Black Skull Emblem

Deals of the Week:

Bizon T-103

Paladin Caenarvon Action X

Personal Offers:


General T 27

Terrapin Mk.1

[Source – World of Tanks Website]