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World Rally Championship Is Reportedly Codemasters’ Upcoming ‘Biggest AAA Game’

Despite Codemasters previously pledging its commitment to the DiRT series going forward, leaker Tom Henderson has claimed that the studio’s upcoming AAA racer is World Rally Championship.

Posting in a report on Exputer, Henderson claims that ‘sources familiar with Codemasters’ plans’ have revealed the project is based on the WRC. The tipster goes on to say that DiRT Rally 3 was reportedly canned in late 2021, with Codemasters now shifting its focus to F1, GRID, and the WRC.

Henderson observed that this was hinted at just last month, when the DiRT Twitter profile was changed to @EASPORTSRally. According to his report, the new WRC game will launch at some point next year, although it’s unknown when it will be announced.

However, Codemasters is allegedly undergoing issues within the Q&A department, with its 200-strong workforce now reportedly reduced to around 120 individuals. Four anonymous sources put the blame on bad management within Codemasters leadership and EA.

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Codemasters was acquired by EA in 2021 and its first published title with the publishing giant was F1 2021.