World War Toons PlayStation VR ‘home test’ goes down a treat for dev’s daughter

Ah, if only our dads worked in a development studio creating one of the upcoming PlayStation VR games, then we too could have a ‘home test’ like young Ella in the video below.

Her father happens to be James Chung, founder of Reload Studios, who is working on the new multiplayer, first-person shooter, World War Toons. A demo of the game was shown at the PlayStation Experience event late last year, but this latest video gives us a new perspective as his daughter gets to try it out in the comfort of their own home.

She seems impressed too, asking for another go when her play session comes to an end.


World War Toons is being marketed as a family-friendly FPS which features typical shooter gameplay within a Looney Tunes-esque world. They’ll be various classes to choose from, and game modes such as King of the Hill to get stuck into, and Reload claims to have worked hard to ensure that, despite having the virtual reality headset strapped around your bonce, the control scheme will feel natural for FPS fans.

You can check out more about World War Toons on the official website.

PlayStation VR is due for release later this year. Initial launch games include RIGS: Mechanized Combat, Headmaster, and Synthesis Universe.