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World War Z Brings Thrill Of The Kill In Update 1.55; Read The Full Patch Notes Here

Saber Interactive has added a bunch of fresh content for World War Z including six new mutators for Challenge Horde Mode just in time for Easter weekend. Read the full details in the World War Z update 1.55 patch notes below.

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New Content

  • Added new mutators for Horde Mode: Gladiators, Banshee, Toss a Coin, Sinusitis (+Challenge Mode), Anthrax (+Challenge Mode), No Deliveries.
  • Added new weapon perks: Guardian for S890, Soul Collector for HW416, Electro Shot for 1877 SBL, Over the Heads for PAC-15, Powder and Steel for S890 Shorty, Gravedigger for Taiga-12, Camper for HAMR-17, Sound Body for LAR, Plague Doctor for TMP5.
  • Added 4 new prestige perks for all classes.

Quality of Life

  • Added support for 21:9 and 16:10 monitors for PC.
  • Added Japanese and Korean language support for Xbox One and Xbox Series.


  • Fixed a bug with female characters holding 1877 SBL incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to have conflicting mutators in Challenge and Horde mode.
  • Fixed performance with bomber explosions in Episode 8: Phoenix – The Low Road.
  • Fixed a bug where shotguns could destroy supply bags in PvE.
  • Fixed a bug with the player getting stuck when climbing up inclined surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug with invisible collisions when firing some weapons.