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WWE 2K24 Creator Banned By 2K, Publisher Now Faces Major Community Backlash

WWE 2K24 creator WhatsTheStatus has been banned by 2K without warning, with all of their uploads removed from the game, having also been permanently banned from playing the game online without an option to appeal.

WhatsTheStatus is widely known by the WWE 2K24 community for uploading content that is typically inaccessible to players. Taking to Twitter, the content creator revealed that they received the following message after logging into the game:

We were recently alerted that this account has been associated with inappropriate content. This is a violation of our End User License Agreement which every player accepts prior to accessing WWE 2K24 online features.

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Speaking with VGC, a spokesperson for 2K revealed:

The player in question has received an indefinite ban due to violations of terms. Mods which negatively impact the game experience for other players violate our terms. Our primary concern is a positive WWE 2K24 experience for all players.

Fans have already started to air their disappointment over WhatsTheStatus’ banning, although it’s still not exactly clear what he did to violate 2K’s terms. However, the type of content that he uploads does feature hidden wrestler models and other typically non-playable characters, so it could be that 2K is not happy with this content getting out to players.

WWE 2K24 was released in March 2024 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

[Source – WhatsTheStatus on Twitter]