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Rumour – Xbox Is Planning To Bring The “Majority” Of Its Games To PlayStation

xbox games coming to ps5

According to GamesIndustry.Biz head Chris Dring, publishers are losing interest in supporting Xbox in terms of getting their games onto Xbox platforms.

This comes from Dring’s conversations with publishers while attending Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2024, where Dring got the impression that publishers and developers are struggling to find “the point” in spending the time and money to bring their games to Xbox.

Another layer to this conversation is that Dring heard there are plans from Xbox to bring the “majority” of its games over to PlayStation, so long as this first batch of Xbox games coming to PlayStation goes the way Xbox hopes it will.

“With Xbox putting some of the games on PS5—from what I understand the majority of them will be coming across at some point, assuming it progresses as Xbox believes it probably will—I think Xbox is in real trouble as a hardware manufacturer, and that was the thing that came out of GDC for me.”

It’s worth noting that Dring is an established voice in games media, and wouldn’t be throwing around this information if it wasn’t what he’d been hearing.

We’ve also had reports about other Xbox games coming to PS5 that aren’t the four already announced, and Phil Spencer’s wording around the initial four has never closed the door regarding more games coming to PlayStation.

Ultimately, Dring’s conversations with GDC attendees are just that, conversations, and things can change at any moment, if there is indeed a plan from Microsoft to bring most of its Xbox library to PlayStation and other platforms.

We’ll see how things are going once Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded and Sea Of Thieves are all available on PlayStation, and if the sales numbers are enough for Xbox to keep this experiment going.

Source – [GamesIndustry.Biz]