Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro E3 2017 showdown: Sony’s is bigger than Microsoft’s


Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head at E3 2017

Sony looks set to come out all guns blazing at this year’s E3 showcase in Los Angeles, with floor plans for E3 2017 confirming the PlayStation console maker has noticeable more space than leading rival Microsoft.

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This year, Sony and Nintendo are located in the West Hall of the convention centre, while Microsoft is setting up shop in the South Hall. We know that this year will be a major showcase for the Xbox One format holder, as they’re set to unveil the Xbox Scorpio ahead of the console’s fall 2017 launch. Nonetheless, it’s curious to see how little space they have considering the importance of this year’s show for Microsoft.


Sony on the other hand will no doubt be championing the PS4 Pro at the end following a successful launch last November, and we can no doubt expect a slew of PS4-exclusive game announcements to come out the event, not to mention some new content for PSVR. Nintendo, of course, will be busy trumpeting the Switch, which makes its debut in early March.

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Looking back to last year, Microsoft would have appeared to have scaled down its presence quite noticeably, despite the impending appearance of Xbox Scorpio. For E3 2016, all three platform holder shared floor space in the West Hall, with Microsoft taking up a bigger chunk than it would appear to be this year, which seems at odds against the company’s major plans for the event. Surely the Scorpio would warrant more attention? 

Could Sony be about to gain the upper hand on its lead rival for E3 2017 as the inevitable Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro war kicks off this June? We’ll have to wait and see. 

Source: Cogconnected