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XDefiant Now Awaiting Approval By 1st Parties, Is Still On Track For Summer 2023 Release Window

Ubisoft’s XDefiant still hasn’t attracted a release date yet, but executive producer Mark Rubin has taken to Twitter to share a few updates on the shooter, confirming it’s now awaiting approval by first parties and is on track for its Summer 2023 launch window.

Rubin explained that things are still subject to change during the approval process, and that things make take a bit longer than usual as this is the first time the studio will be getting this version of the engine through certification.

Quick insight into what’s going on right now. We are in the process of getting approved by 1st parties, but because this is our first time getting this version of the engine through cert, it’s going to take a bit longer than usual. Don’t worry, as soon as I have more info..

…I will share it. Also, I know it’s been some time since our beta already and I know usually that means launch is soon after but for us as we’ve done in the past our betas are real tests and not marketing moments. Normally, a game would already be certing when the beta goes…

Rubin went on to say that “nothing has changed on our anticipated release time frame” and that the team are “still on track” with things.

It should be noted that XDefiant won’t be released for PS4 and Xbox One at launch, with last-generation versions of the game arriving at an as-yet undisclosed time.

[Source – Mark Rubin on Twitter]