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Yacht Club Games Reveals New Zelda-Like Title, Mina: The Hollower

Mina: The Hollower is a brand new game from famed developer and publisher Yacht Club Games, and it’s their first new IP since 2014’s Shovel Knight.

The news was revealed in collaboration with G4TV, who also streamed the first look at gameplay for Mina: The Hollower live.

While Shovel Knight put Yacht Club Games on the map as genius game designers, particularly for 2D platformers, Mina takes the studio in a different direction.

Immediately the influences from classic adventure titles like Zelda. Not recent titles like Breath Of The Wild, but more classic titles like Link’s Awakening.

There’s also a slew of influences from games like Castlevania, and Dragon Quest III. Just how Shovel Knight was the studio’s love letter to classic NES style games, Mina: The Hollower is a love letter to handheld classics from the GameBoy era.

Players can also expect more RPG elements, and a new levelling system.

You can check out a short trailer for Mina: The Hollower for yourself, here:


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