Yakuza 5 reveal coming next week?

SEGA looks set to lift the veil off the next entry in the Yakuza franchise on May 24, according to a video posted on the series’ official website.

The site depicts the city of Kamurocho seemingly undergoing construction, and offers a video recap of the series up to and including Yakuza 4. The words “And Then…” are displayed at the climax, followed by “First look on May 24.”

This all but confirms a new game is due to be revealed on that date, and we already know that SEGA is making Yakuza 5 from previous comments in Famitsu.

Speaking of Famitsu, Yakuza titles are traditionally unveiled in the publication, and the new issue just so happens to be out on May 24 – could we get our first look at Yakuza 5 in next week’s Famitsu? It sure looks likely.

Stay tuned to for more details as we get them.

via Andriasang