Yakuza 5 Taxi missions detailed

SEGA’s dropped off a fresh batch of new Yakuza 5 details for your consumption, this time focusing on the game’s Taxi missions featuring Kazuma Kiryu.

Kiryu-san, who has starred in the series since its inception, will have to ferry passengers around while obeying various instructions given to him. These include prioritizing things such as speed and safety, as well as following a certain vehicle.

While driving, Kiryu-san will also get into a chinwag with his passenger(s), offering a shoulder to cry on so to speak, as well as encountering troublesome customers including drunks and criminals.

As previously mentioned, Yakuza 5 will also allow gamers to take part in street races with the gang known as Devil Killer. Here, Kiryu-san will have to race a rival and come out on top, using techniques such as drifting and fast cornering to stay one step ahead. Heat Action will also come into play, letting you quickly pull ahead of your opponent.

In addition, Taxi missions also feature car customisation options, letting you pimp your ride with color stickers, tires as well as selecting the music that plays during races.

All in all, it sure sounds a little more exciting than racing forklift trucks around the harbour ala Yakuza’s spiritual predecessor, Shenmue. Not that we didn’t love that too, mind you. That reminds us, where’s our Shenmue HD, SEGA?

Yakuza 5 is scheduled to ship exclusively for PlayStation 3 in Japan this winter. Stay tuned to for more details as we get them.

via Andriasang