Yakuza 6 PS4 Pro gameplay looks stunning in new footage

A YouTube user has uploaded a whopping two hours of Yakuza 6 footage running on PlayStation 4 Pro, which offers a tantalizing glimpse at how SEGA’s upcoming action-RPG benefits from the added technical muscle of Sony’s high-end machine.

The footage itself was plucked from the Yakuza 6 demo and encompases the first half of Chapter One, with plenty of side activities thrown in for good measure. Note that this is the first PS4-exclusive entry in the ten-year-old franchise, so the development team has really been able to take advantage of Sony’s flagship console without being held back by the restraints of multiplatform release.

Yakuza 6 PS4 gameplay

Yakuza 6 is due out in Japan on December 8, although a western release for the game has yet to be confirmed. However, given that SEGA has made a concerted effort in localising the series the past few years, we imagine that the game will eventually see the light of day in the U.S. and Europe. The game once again sees the return of series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, who finds himself returning to the Japanese criminal underworld once again. 

The Yakuza franchise first launched back in 2005 on the PlayStation 2, and has sold over 7.8 million copies worldwide as of November 2014. The franchise found great success in its native Japan, where the series has received a number of spinoff titles and expansion into other forms of media, including film adaptations.

While many of the Yakuza titles have been released in the west, a number of titles remain exclusive to Japan, including 2008’s Yakuza Kenzan and 2016’s Yakuza Kiwami, the latter a remake of the original game for PS4 and PS3.

The next chapter in the series to see a U.S. release is Yakuza 0, which hits PS4 on January 24, 2017.