Yet to be unveiled PS3 title gets cryptic messages, countdown

If you’ve been avidly reading our forum over the last few days, you may have come across a thread created by Origo Games. The developer has been kind enough to incite curiosity and irritation in our users through offerings of coded messages and limited images. With the mind games (somewhat) behind us, Origo Games has revealed the URL to its Data Fly launch website. The site contains very little outside of the three previously released images, as well as a timer — which currently has 18 days remaining — counting down to the unknown.

"In nature things are not always what they seem to be.
To survive one must live adapt and evolve.
Data Fly"

Included below are the three images.

I am watching.


We are watching.


To live is to survive.
To survive is to learn.
To learn is to adapt.
Nature knows no bounds.
In nature curiosity reigns.
World exclusive trailer at GDC.
Take everything you know and leave it behind.