Ys Origin trailer shows off battle system, Vita release delayed

ys origin gameplay trailer

DotEmu has released a new Ys Origin trailer that shows the battle system for its upcoming action role-playing game which will launch later this month.

Similar to the new Psychonauts title, Ys Origin comes out roughly a decade after the original release. Visuals and effects were optimized as well as improvements to the UI and menus.

According to Jessica Iragne, Communication & Marketing Manager, “In Ys Origin, you don’t play as Adol – instead, you can choose between different heros with their own attributes and stories.”

The two main characters of the title, Yunica and Hugo, both have different playstyles. Yunica, who uses an axe, is great for players who enjoy close combat and Hugo is a sorcerer who relies on spells.

Ys Origin will release on PlayStation 4 on February 21. Unfortunately, PlayStation Vita owners will have to wait until May 30 to pick up the game.