Yu Suzuki will make Shenmue 3 at the ‘right opportunity’

The creator behind the Shenmue franchise has said he would still be interested in developing the much-requested Shenmue III.

Speaking during a special postmortem panel at GDC 2014 this week (via DigitalSpy), Suzuki-san was asked during a Q&A session on the prospect of a third entry in the cult series.

In response, the former SEGA legend commented: “Of course I want to make one if I had the right opportunity. Dot dot dot.”

The panel, translated by Sony’s Mark Cerny, detailed extensively the development process behind the original Shenmue, including earlier concepts and the fact the saga was originally going to take around 45 hours to complete.

Shenmue was released for the Dreamcast in 1999, and saw a western release the following year. 2001 saw the launch of Shenmue II, though a third installment continues to remain elusive.

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