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Zenith Is A Colorful, Open-World, JRPG-Inspired MMO Coming To PSVR


As part of its flurry of PSVR announcements today, Sony has announced that Zenith, a colorful open-world MMO will be coming to PSVR.

Developed by Ramen VR, the game was kickstarted and raised more than $280,000 to create an “adrenaline-pumping action-adventure” filled with hand-crafted environments to get lost in. Described as a “stylised fantasy world” the scenery is only one part of the experience, with lore built into the world to invest yourself in.

The game is set generations after a cataclysmic event known as The Fracture, players fight men and gods to prevent that catastrophe from striking again. The game will allow you to climb anything, including cliffs and skyscrapers to search for treasures and secrets, but limited stamina will mean you have to think about each decision. The game also has a gliding system to get you from place to place quickly.

Combat in Zenith is described as “tactile and simple to learn.” Instead of learning combinations of attacks and elements, you will focus on throwing, blocking, simple attacking, and dodging, with the ability to parry your enemies as well. You will have access to both magic and blades.

As for the MMO experience, the game will feature world bosses, public events, and dungeons to complete with a Guild system to start your own clan of friends to call upon.

You can watch the Zenith PSVR trailer below:

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Zenith is set to release for PSVR.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]