Zipper also working on a PS3 SOCOM

At the Sony Gamer’s Day earlier this week, SOCOM Confrontation was announced for PlayStation 3. The game will be online-only, and is being developed by Slant Six, who also developed the PSP version of SOCOM.

The latter fact surprised many, because all console SOCOM games so far had been developed by Zipper Interactive.

However, has confirmed that Zipper Interactive is also working on a SOCOM game for the PlayStation 3, though this game is likely to be released in late 2008.

Unlike SOCOM Confrontation, this game will feature a single player mode and multiplayer mode. And the extra development time will give Zipper more time to do some new things with the franchise.

That’s all we know so far. So now you have two SOCOM games to look forward to on PlayStation 3. Stay tuned for more news on both SOCOM games.