Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2008 News

Zipper: MAG only achievable on PS3

During an interview with Gamespot, Zipper Interactive lead designer Andy Beaudoin revealed that when the team set out to develop MAG (Massive Action Game), they wanted to develop something that would only be achievable on the PlayStation 3.

“Obviously, with PlayStation 3 we’ve got a lot more power we can tap into to try to create different games, so we sat down and tried to figure out how we could take a lot of the shooter experience we had… and create a game that was going to be unrivaled,” said Beaudion. “Basically one that could only be done on the PlayStation 3."

So far, there has yet to be a game to support 256-player combat without being an MMO. From the looks of it, MAG looks to revolutionize the third person squad action genre. For more on MAG, stay right here on PSU.