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Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX Headset Review – A Highly Comfortable High-End Headset

Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX Headset Review – There’s no shortage of gaming headsets to choose from, but Nacon certainly makes a strong case for why you should pay a high price, not only for high end audio quality, but especially for high end comfort.

With an array of headsets to choose from, and as someone who struggles with comfort, it can be such a hassle to find the right one. Let me, instead then, make a case for why it should be Nacon’s RIG 900 MAX HX.

Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX Headset Review

Comfort Is King

When it comes to choosing gaming headsets, there is nothing more important to me than comfort. So many headsets available on the market, especially at the lower end, tend to pinch my ears, and after a long session of gaming online with friends, leaves me in a great deal of discomfort.

The padded headband that sits upon your head feels almost weightless, and with three adjustable notches, you can choose how fitted you want your headset to be. This allowed me to play long sessions without any discomfort, or any pesky ear pinching that might have lingered long after due to a lesser build quality.

Remarkably, I don’t even find myself feeling too hot after hours of use wearing them. Another problem that I usually encounter, solved by what is the best headset I’ve used in some time.

The pillowy dual-fabric ear cushions fit perfectly over my ears, and as someone with a large head but small ears, this is quite the accomplishment. Usually I find myself readjusting headsets to find a modicum of comfort, but not here, not with the Nacon 900 Max HX.

If you can relate to such woes, I cannot recommend this headset enough. I usually game with a surround sound set up outside of multiplayer gaming, but this wonderfully comfortable headset made it easy for me to use during long single player gaming sessions too.

Easy To Setup And A Stylish Yet Efficient Docking Station

The basic setup took me no longer than ten minutes. I plugged in the base station, which is noticeably sleek looking, and then slotted the USB-A adapter which boasts a universal 2.4GHz wireless connection to any system you own at the flick of a switch, and placed the headset in its charging dock.

After a short while, I took off the headset and didn’t have to charge it again for roughly another 40-45 hours, which as someone who is remarkably lazy when it comes to charging their gaming accessories, is a godsend.

Nacon’s base station is simple to set up, and makes charging the headset a doddle, not to mention its easy on the eye, and doesn’t standout like a sore thumb amongst your set up.

If you would rather not use the docking station, then a USB-C fast charge connecting cable is also available. The option certainly doesn’t hurt, but the easy to use base station; is too convenient, and efficient to not use.

Whilst the hardware is straight forward, when it comes to audio quality, I would definitely recommend using the apps to get the most out of it. Especially when it comes to the EQ.

All About That Bass

The sound quality coming from the 40mm drivers is visceral and crisp. There is a clarity to the headset which had me opting to use it over my surround sound system. Which is about the highest praise I can give it. The excellent audio quality only further highlights the high end nature of the headset.

By far and large the audio quality is as exceptional as its comfort. However, out of the box, the bass isn’t quite there. Fortunately there are two apps that you can use to remedy that. First and foremost, the Nacon RIG900MAXSERIES companion app, which will allow you to really fine tune the audio, tailor the EQ, and take the bass to a level that the headset deserves.

Beyond the official Nacon headset app, there is also a dolby atmos app, which requires that you scan your head, and allowing you to fully customise the 3D spacial audio to your exact specifications, that best fit your head shape. A feature that I found very impressive and one that I can personally, really appreciate.

The French manufacturer’s flip to mute mic makes it very easy to mute your party when you need to take that phone call ( which will undoubtedly be spam!) making unmuting the party as hassle free as possible. The clarity for party chat itself is incredible, and assisted communications with some remarkably clear vocals.

Alternatively dual audio is available, allowing you to connect to your game through the 2.4Ghz USB adapter, and phone through its bluetooth 5.1 connection, simultaneously. On top of that, with other buttons such as volume and your other standard fare, readily available, on the headset itself, the RIG 900 HX Max is a very straight forward, and accessible headset.

A High End Headset For A High End Price

The price of Nacon’s Rig 900 Max HX headset is a whopping $249.99, and whilst that may seem eye watering at a glance, as someone who has known the struggles of finding a comfortable headset, I can’t recommend them enough.

With all my comfort woes seemingly solved, this high end headset justifies its price tag with superb audio quality, that admittedly requires the companion app to get it where it needs to be, and a stylish, convenient docking station, that you will have set up in no time.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming headset that works on all your devices across the board, then look no further than Nacon’s latest effort. Further bolstered with apps that allow you to tailor your EQ settings, and customise your 3D audio to your own metrics, makes the RIG 900 Max HX the easiest of recommendations.

The Nacon RIG 900 HX is available to purchase right now.

Review sample kindly provided by Nacon PR.



The Final Word

With Nacon's RIG 900 Max HX only minor setback being that the bass requires the app to get the most out of, it more than justifies its expensive asking price with a bunch of useful features, apps, visceral sound, elegant yet efficient base stand, and an astonishing level of comfort, all the while boasting a very long battery life. If you're in the market for a new headset, then do yourself a favour and upgrade to this one.