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Release Date (US):
October 9th, 2007
Release Date (UK):
September 28th, 2007
Online Players:
EA Canada
Electronic Arts
E [Everyone]
PSU Rank:
50 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
48 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, DS, and PSP

About FIFA 08

FIFA Soccer 08 puts you on the pitch to defy the odds, perfect your skills, elevate your game and rise up to win glory for your club. And the next-gen gameplay engine delivers animations and ball control that is so responsive you feel like you are actually on the pitch.



FIFA 08 News

  • The FIFA 08 Interactive World Cup

    The qualifying rounds for the FIFA World Cup 2010 have just been drawn, but why wait until then when gamers across the world are battling out to be crowned champion on EA's FIFA 08? Since the launch of the game in September, over 10,000 players from 25 countries and five continents have been bat...

  • [UPDATE] FIFA 08 demo delayed in Europe

    EA has confirmed that the FIFA 08 demo, due out on PlayStation Store today, has been delayed in Europe and Australia The news came in the form of a message board post on the official forums: "We're sorry to have to tell everyone that the FIFA 08 demo won't be launching in Europe today as ...

  • FIFA 08 soundtrack list revealed

    EA Sports spared no expense finding unique talent for their upcoming football/soccer title FIFA 08. With over 50 artists spanning the globe, the track list is sure to please the most discriminative of tastes. The score is as follows: !!! - All My Heroes Are Weirdos Apartment - Fall Into Pl...

  • FIFA 08 demo coming this Thursday

    EA Sports today revealed that a demo of the PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 08 would be released on PlayStation Network on September 13th. The demo will now arrive just a few weeks ahead of the games European release, having originally been slated to appear earlier this month. This year should p...

  • No FIFA 08 10-player online in Australia

    After yesterday's announcement that FIFA 08 would feature a 5 vs 5 online multiplayer (see here), EA Australia had some bad news to dampen the excitement. A representative revealed that the update for the 5 vs 5 feature will only be available in Europe and North America when it's released up to ...

  • FIFA 08 to run 60 fps on PS3

    EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA 08 will be running at 60fps. EA Canada producer Joe Booth stated that both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game will be nearly identical when they ship. FIFA 08 was showed of at the Games Convention 2007 this past morning when Electronic Arts held their press conf...

  • Interactive World Cup 2008 coming to PS3

    FIFA, EA and SCEE have announced a partnership to bring the new Interactive World Cup to PlayStation 3 owners worldwide. The FIFA-sanctioned gaming tournament will mirror the real football (soccer) season using EA's FIFA 08. The competition begins in October and ends with a Grand Final in Ma...

  • FIFA gets 10-player online

    FIFA 08 will feature a 10-player online mode on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The EA Sports title will include a brand new mode called 'Be A Pro' that will allow 5 versus 5 matches. Each player will control one man each throughout the match, with the rest of the team handled by the game's AI. Th...

  • FIFA 08 announced for PlayStation 3

    Today EA Sports announced that FIFA 08 will be released on PlayStation 3, as well as every other platform you can think of. This makes it the first FIFA title for Sony's black box. Along with that announcement, EA Sports confirmed that Ronaldinho would once again star on the box art of the footb...

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