No FIFA 08 10-player online in Australia

After yesterday’s announcement that FIFA 08 would feature a 5 vs 5 online multiplayer (see here), EA Australia had some bad news to dampen the excitement.

A representative revealed that the update for the 5 vs 5 feature will only be available in Europe and North America when it’s released up to 8 weeks after the game. It’s unclear if it will ever be available in Australia.

The representative explained that “without a good connection to the server, the result would have been constant drop-offs during Online play that would have booted everyone in the Online Area off at the same time.”

Although FIFA 08 will lack the Be A Pro 10-player mode in Australia, it will still have 1-on-1 online.

FIFA 08 will be released this September in Europe and October in North America. We will keep you up to date on any further FIFA 08 news.