FIFA Soccer 12 Features

  • PSU: Best Sports Game of 2011

    Sports game aficionados had a lot to enjoy in 2011, with longtime series staples like Madden NFL, FIFA, and NHL getting relatively substantial updates. As EA Sports rolled out another soccer (football) game with its FIFA Soccer 12, we were amazed at the changes to the core mechanics just like we...

  • PSU Banter: Do you care about cover athletes on your sports game?

    Sports fans are almost as loyal to their favorite team as fanboys are to their favorite console. New York Yankees fans think their team can always show the Boston Red Sox a thing or two around home plate, while Tottenham fans are always protective of their North London team. So when a sports gam...

  • EA Sports gets personal in FIFA 12's career mode

    The gameplay isn’t the only part of FIFA 12 getting more than a typical yearly facelift. The career mode is set to give diehard fans greater depth than any previous installment, and with new features like player morale and opinion factoring into the transfer equation, the development team ...

  • Exclusive: FIFA 12 is a 'revolution,' not an evolution

    Any game that gets an annual release is bound to fall victim to that overly-simplistic-updates-fatigue. This is often the case with sports games, and fans of the reigning king on the pitch, the FIFA series from EA Sports, know this frustration all too well. So when Aaron McHardy, gameplay produc...

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