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Fallout 3
Role Playing Game
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Release Date (US):
October 28th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
October 31st, 2008
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Bethesda Softworks
Bethesda Softworks
M [Mature]
PSU Rank:
35 of 1166 Games
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33 of 0 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360

About Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is created by Bethesda Softworks, who have announced that the game will use the Gamebryo engine from their previous work, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.



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Fallout 3 is an outstanding title that sets a new standard for action role-playing games, and will appeal to fans of either genre.

We like

  • Brilliant dynamic conversation and story
  • Massive game length, replay value
  • Revolutionary V.A.T.S. system

We dislike

  • Numerous bugs and glitches
  • Framerate issues, texture pop-in, and jaggies
  • Poor character and NPC animation

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It’s hard – but all too easy – to imagine: a nuclear Judgment Day. We’ve narrowly avoided it under the watchful eyes of skilled leaders in the past, but it’s a frightening possibility that we must recognize and strive to prevent in the years and decades to come. But what if we couldn’t? To experience a post-apocalyptic United States firsthand, look no further than Fallout 3. As the studio...



Cheat: Infinite Experience in Big Town

Here’s a glitch that will allow you to get infinite amounts of experience (as long as your Speech skill is high enough). Try the following steps:

  • 1.) - Go to Big Town and find the NPC named Pappy.
  • 2.) - Select the dialogue choice “You came here with Bittercup, right?” If this dialogue choice doesn’t show up, find Bittercup, exhaust all of her conversation chains, and then try speaking with Pappy again. ([Speech 100%] should appear next to the dialogue choice if your Speech skill is at its highest. If it’s not there yet, don’t risk trying to convince him. Speech failure will result in this glitch permanently disappearing.)
  • 3.) - Selecting that dialogue option successfully will net you six experience points. Speak to him again and you can get the experience again. Repeat as much as you want for as much experience as you want.

Hint: Followers

There are 8 followers in Fallout 3. You must have a certain Karma level for most of them. Below is a list of the followers and how / where to get them:

  • Butch - In Rivet City, after completing Trouble on the Homefront [Neutral Karma]
  • Sergeant Rl-3 - A robot who can be bought of a wasteland-wandering salesman named Tinker [Neutral Karma]
  • Fawkes - Must be saved in Vault 87 [Good Karma]...

Fallout 3 News

  • Fallout 4 reveal on December 1? Teaser site updates with countdown to 'Nuclear winter'

    A website owned by ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, is teasing a new Fallout game, and the announcement seems imminent. The site in question,, was recently updated with a countdown and morse code audio bed. It reads, "Nuclear winter is coming . . .&q...

  • Bethesda's unannounced title, "a lot of game" to play right now

    Just what is Bethesda’s unannounced new game? For now, that’s anybody’s guess, but we do know it is actually “pretty far along.” Speaking with Eurogamer, executive producer Todd howard stated the unannounced game is far along and has some 90 people working on it. The go...

  • Fallout 3 DLC delayed, Broken Steel to be first release

    Bethesda posted on the PlayStation Blog that the upcoming Fallout 3 DLC has been delayed and that the first DLC will come out “[hopefully] by the end of September.” Bethesda admitted it may seem like a long wait but cites extensive testing requirements as reasons for the delay. Not on...

  • Fallout 3 PS3 DLC nearing completion

    Bethesda’s Pete Hines has revealed that the firm is currently sprinkling the finishing touches on Fallout 3’s Operation: Anchorage DLC for the PlayStation 3, though a solid release date has yet to be decided. According to Hines, the content - which hit PC and 360 earlier this year - ...

  • Fallout 3 DLC heads to PS3, Game of the Year edition unveiled

    Bethesda has revealed that it will be bringing Fallout 3 downloadable content to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console this year, starting with the release of Operation Anchorage late next month. In addition, both The Pitt and Broken Steel and will be gracing Sony’s black behemoth 4-6 weeks ap...

  • Fallout series branching into TV and film?

    A recent trademark filing by Bethesda has indicated that the publisher may be looking to expand its post-apocalyptic series Fallout into TV and Film. The filing, made back in February this year, pertains to "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program” in ad...

  • No post-ending PS3 patch for Fallout 3, says Bethesda

    Bethesda has said that it currently has no plans to release a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Fallout 3 allowing users to explore the game world following completion of the main quest. Users have voiced their complaint over the fact the game does not currently allow players to explore the ...

  • Fallout 3 patch v1.1 arrives on the PS3

    Bethesda Softworks has released a new update for Fallout 3, fixing various glitches and bugs as well as adding Trophy support for the PlayStation 3 version of the colossal adventure romp. Here is the full list of updates: New Features -Trophy support. (Playstation 3) Bug Fixes - Friends n...

  • Fallout 3 patch fixes freezing and introduces Trophies

    There were a lot of unsatisfied gamers when the announcement came about in regards to the lack of Trophy support within Fallout 3. On top of this disappointing news, Bethesda shipped the title for the PlayStation 3 with a boatload of problems, the most prominent of which concerned various freezing i...

  • Fallout 3 Trophies

    Despite Bethesda remaining decidedly tight-lipped as to when we can expect Trophy support to pop up in Fallout 3, the company has at least given us an idea of what we can look forward to when the update finally hits the post-apocalyptic RPG romp. See below for the full list -- unsurprisingly, a ...

Fallout 3 Features

  • PSU Interviews Bethesda's Pete Hines on Fallout 3

    With Fallout 3 rapidly approaching its hotly anticipated US release on October 28, PSU decided to catch up with developer Bethesda Softworks to squeeze in a few last minute details on the post-apocalyptic RPG for your viewing pleasure. Our interview was conducted with Vice President of Marketing, Pe...

  • Post Nuclear Living in Fallout 3

    From the creators of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion comes what may be one of the best post-apocalyptic role-playing games ever - Fallout 3. Due to hit stores next year, Fallout 3 will breathe life back into the once amazing franchise about a post nuclear world where humans must not only fight monst...

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