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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Sub Genre:
Music / Dancing
Release Date (US):
September 21st, 2010
Release Date (UK):
September 21st, 2010
Online Players:
Neversoft Entertainment
T [Teen]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also on X360, and Wii.

About Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock breathes new life into gamers' current Guitar Hero music libraries providing literally hundreds of hours of replayability with the introduction of Quickplay+, which features 13 totally unique gameplay challenges for every on-disc track as well as most downloadable and importable songs from Guitar Hero World Tour forward. Gamers will complete challenges such as Band Streak, High Score and Power Challenge, which allows players to choose any two warrior powers they have unlocked to try and earn ridiculously high scores, to rank up and unlock more rewards and content than ever before. All-new Challenge Leaderboards have been created in order to capture the outrageous scores that are capable with Quickplay+. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock features more than 90 tracks that include guitar shredding hits from bands such as Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Slipknot and larger than life anthems from Queen, Muse and KISS. Additionally, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth wrote and recorded "Sudden Death," an original track for the game, which was inspired by Quest Mode's storyline. Along with original songs, the set list also includes special re-records by famous artists and tracks from bands that are making their music video game debut.



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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tries to engage players in a quest to reclaim rock, but sadly it reminds us that the genre is only as good as its set list.

We like

  • Some of the character profiles are interesting
  • The out-of-place songs are actually fun to play

We dislike

  • A poor set list that is very incoherent
  • Quest Mode forces you to play lackluster styles
  • Nothing new to offer the genre; more of the same

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What happened to the music-genre games of yesteryear? It’s seems the past year or so has shown some of the less than appealing aspects of this now tediously repetitive genre: games which could have been adequately rolled out as DLC as opposed to full retail releases (we’re looking at you Green Day: Rock Band), dressed up to appear as “new” games, but lacking anything really different that past iteration...

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock News

  • Guitar Hero not dead, is 'on hiatus,' says Activision

    Publishing behemoth Activision’s revealed that the Guitar Hero series hasn’t permanently been shelved – rather, the venerable music simulation franchise is merely on hiatus. Speaking to, Dan Winters, Activision’s head of developer relations, commented, "Actuall...

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock dated

    Activision has announced that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be hitting UK store shelves on September 24, 2010. A U.S. release will follow on September 28. Speaking during the publisher's investor call yesterday, chief financial officer Thomas Tippl commented, "Year-to-date, the music ca...

  • Rush's 2112 coming to Warrior's of Rock: Quest Mode

    Legendary Canadian rockers Rush have joined forces with Activision to include the band’s seminal 2112 suite in the Quest Mode for Guitar Hero: Warrior's of Rock. Gamers will be able to tackle all 20-minutes of the mammoth progressive rock piece, which comes in seven parts: ‘Overture&r...

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock trailer

    Activision has unwrapped the first official trailer for its upcoming music simulation title, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Check it out below. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is due out on PS3, 360 and Wii on September 20, 2010. ...

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