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  • A look into the world of Iron Man

    We’ve all been there as kids, sitting in the backyard, wondering what it would be like to be a superhero. Then we were introduced to video games, the one platform where the average Joe save the world. Set to release on May 2 is SEGAs upcoming superhero title, Iron Man. Iron Man will release si...

  • Iron Man suits explained plus PS3 exclusive revealed

    Iron Man has slowly worked its way to a decently-sized, anticipated title for the PlayStation 3.  With a behind-the-scenes video released last week, gamers were shown exactly what the title will be capable of.  After suffering through uncountable movie/comic-to-videogame products, gamers a...

  • Secret Level takes you inside the world of Iron Man

    By now everyone knows it isn't a secret that Secret Level is preparing to take console gamers into the world of comic hero, Iron Man.  Being developed across multiple platforms, the developing team has taken no shortcuts in providing what is looking to be like a stable and solid gaming experien...

  • Iron Man game to utilize ILM model from film

    In a recent interview with USA Today, Sega Senior Producer Mike McHale stated that the game developers for Iron Man would be using the same CGI model from the movie. "We are working very closely with the film director (Jon Favreau) and production staff, and they have actually given us the c...

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