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Massive Action Game
Sub Genre:
First Person
Release Date (US):
January 26th, 2010
Release Date (UK):
January 26th, 2010
Online Players:
Zipper Interactive
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
200 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
176 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Online only

About MAG

MAG, an acronym for "Massive Action Game", is a revolutionary title exclusively for the PlayStation 3 that promises 256-player battles, making it by far the most ambitious online gaming experience to date.



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MAG is one of the most ambitious games we've played in a long time. While at its core it's nothing more than a basic FPS, what sets this game apart is the volume of players who can compete together.

We like

  • The LAG free online experience that supports 256 players
  • Playing with a team of fellow gamers
  • The epic ongoing battle that is the Shadow War

We dislike

  • Right now the factions are quite unbalanced, which is making more players join S.V.E.R. Over time this will need to be fixed, otherwise there will be little competition
  • The mediocre HUD
  • If your team lacks communication, the game will get very frustrating. The game should come with a headset and strongly encourage its users to chat.

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One of the most overplayed and overproduced videogame genres is the first-person shooter market. We say overplayed as a substantial chunk of hardcore gamers flock to FPSs in droves, often ignoring the chance of dipping their toes in to other genres. The basic formula for the FPS has been in place for quite a while. Over the years we’ve seen a nice thick coat of polish through improved glittery graphics, enhanced gameplay...

MAG News

  • Zipper rolls out MAG birthday promotions

    Zipper Interactive’s pulled out the party hats to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its mammoth multiplayer effort MAG, offering up a plethora of promotions for your consumption. Kicking off from tomorrow at 12am PST, the studio will be “changing all in-game queue and “Happy...

  • MAG still pulls in the online numbers, says Zipper

    Zipper Interactive has responded to claims that MAG has been struggling to pull in the punters in comparison to SOCOM Confrontation’s online numbers, with the developer claiming the shooter still ranks amongst “the most played” online PS3 titles on the market. Writing on the gam...

  • MAG signs up for PS3 Greatest Hits

    Sony America has revealed that online shooter MAG will be made available as part of the PlayStation 3’s Greatest Hits line-up this week. The Zipper Interactive-developed FPS will get its budget re-release on September 28, meaning you’ll be able to pick up the game – made famous ...

  • Zipper Interactive details MAG 2.0

    Zipper Interactive has lifted the lid on the list of new additions gamers can expect to see from its forthcoming MAG 2.0 patch, which is scheduled for release next month. Speaking on the shooter’s official blog, Zipper’s Jeremy Dunham commented, "All the feedback and suggestions...

  • MAG 2 pops up on U.S. retail site

    North American retail giant Walmart has posted up the rather conspicuous listing of MAG 2 on its official website.  Details, predictably, are on the thin side, with only a tentative release date of January 25, 2011 accompanying the listing. It’s also worth pointing out that MAG develop...

  • MAG update v1.07 coming early August

    If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines and looking for a reason to play MAG again, Zipper has a nice free update that should entice you to return to those massive-online battles. The update, v1.07, will be available for download in early August. As posted over at the PlayStation Blog, her...

  • MAG Interdiction DLC available today, requires small patch

    The first major DLC pack for MAG will be available today. In case you missed the original news post, the Interdiction DLC will offer quite a bit of new content at the tender price of $9.99 USD. All MAG players must download a 4MB Interdiction Activation Patch today. This will prepare you to get the ...

  • More free content heading to MAG next week

    MAG is getting more free content in the shape of the Fast Attack Gear Pack on April 29. The content includes three new sniper rifles (Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M, and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR), which all include a number of performance adjustments and visual variations. The ...

  • Free MAG DLC coming March 25

    Zipper Interactive has announced that it will release its first free downloadable add-on for MAG. The DLC, called “Trooper Gear Pack,” will be available worldwide on March 25. You’ll find a host of goodies in the pack, including the Flashbang Grenade, which can be used to confu...

  • Massive update heading to MAG this Friday

    A massive patch, v1.03, is headed to MAG this Thursday, February 25. The update will revamp the effectiveness of every weapon and the long range weapons have been tuned to be more realistic. The weapon and gear swapping process has been sped up, and exploits that gave some teams an unfair advantage ...

MAG Features

  • Underrated: Zipper Interactive - shooters we remember, and one we don't

    In the gaming world, there is a lot of talk from gamers about game studios being “overrated.” Fans and haters of different critically acclaimed studios battle it out on forums all across the internet in a never-ending flame war over which studio is overrated or why another studio isn't. ...

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