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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion
Sub Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Release Date (US):
September 15th, 2009
Release Date (UK):
September 15th, 2009
Online Players:
Vicarious Visions
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
865 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
452 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on PS2, PSP, PC, DS, Wii, and Xbox 360

About Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

The plot in Ultimate Alliance 2 follows the civil war story arc seen in Marvel comics a few years back. As the government tries to regulate super heroes, the heroes divide themselves into two groups: Pro-registration and Anti-registration. Only four characters -- Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Captain America, and Luke Cage -- are locked into specific sides; the rest are free to join either.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 News

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 launch trailer

    The launch trailer for the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 shows the growing dispute between Iron Man and Captain America. The game features co-op multiplayer, combined super abilities, and real-world environments. The cast will include all the classics like Green Goblin, Deadpool, Iceman, Wo...

  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Deadpool trailer

    First we cover one kind of 'pool,' now we're on to a very different kind: Deadpool. The latest Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer focuses on Deadpool, an antihero in the Marvel Universe. In the footage, Deadpool can be seen dual-wielding machine guns and pistol, then getting up close and physica...

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Features

  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 E3 09 Interview

    Prior to checking out Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 at E3 09, we had a brief opportunity to speak with Jennifer Oneal, the game's Executive Producer at Vicarious Visions. Though we lacked the time to ask dozens of questions, what Oneal divulged about the game in the short time period is both impressiv...

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