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Prince of Persia
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Release Date (US):
December 2nd, 2008
Release Date (UK):
December 5th, 2008
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Ubisoft Montreal
T [Teen]
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62 of 1166 Games
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59 of 0 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360

About Prince of Persia

The plagued prince returns in his first next-gen adventure. Ubisoft has planned a number of adjustments to the series, with a new design for the prince, a new armored gauntlet with incredible powers, and a renewed focus on platforming and physical challenges rather than fighting.



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Ubisoft Montreal continues its successful development with the Prince of Persia franchise.

We like

  • Elika is the best AI partner ever created
  • Unique combat system
  • Platforming animations are brilliant

We dislike

  • Compass ball sometimes goes in circles

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History is a key word when discussing a franchise like Prince of Persia. The series, which made its debut way back in 1989, had a profound impact on the videogames industry, influencing much in the way games are both made and looked at to this very day. While the Sands of Time is worthy of the praise and merit it’s received over time, a lot of gamers have expressed doubt in regards to the new direction the series has tak...

Prince of Persia News

  • Prince of Persia's Ben Mattes talks 'no-death' mechanic

    Speaking at the Game Developers Conference this week, Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes has described the ‘no-death’ gameplay mechanic in last year’s outing as a “mistake of projecting my own attitudes” on the project. Speaking to MTV’s Multiplayer Blog in d...

  • Ubisoft: Prince of Persia DLC "not integral to the story"

    Ubisoft’s forthcoming downloadable content for Prince of Persia will not be integral to the story established in the full game, associate producer Jamal Rguigui has revealed. Rguigui was responding to criticism taken from CVG’s forums in which gamers expressed their dissatisfaction at...

  • Prince of Persia DLC unveiled

    Ubisoft has officially unveiled the Epilogue DLC pack for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Prince of Persia. Due out on February 26, the Epilogue DLC boasts an all-new adventure for the Prince and his female compatriot, Elika, including the corrupt Underground Palace from which they mus...

  • Ubisoft confident in Prince of Persia sales performance

    Ubisoft’s Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez has said that his company expects Prince of Persia to turn in a solid performance at retail, noting the chances of the game shifting 2.5 – 3 million copies "is clearly achievable". “If it goes to four or five [million], ...

  • Ubisoft expecting high honors for Prince of Persia

    Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot, is expecting nothing but great things from reviewers in regards to the next installment in the Prince of Persia franchise. This isn't surprising whatsoever, considering the great scores the title has already received. According to Guillemot, the Prince has seen scored ...

  • Prince of Persia 'The Hero Vignette' trailer

    Ubisoft has deposited a new Prince of Persia trailer in our mailbox this morning, putting the game’s eponymous hero in the spotlight as the franchise progresses beyond the Sands of Time formula. The footage splices numerous clips of The Prince scrapping it out with his enemies along with c...

  • Prince of Persia hits gold status

    Ubisoft has confirmed that the hotly anticipated Prince of Persia has officially gone gold, with the game now on track for its UK release in early December. The Prince and his dexterous sidekick Elika will be battering enemies and leaping precariously about rooftops from December 5 on PlayStation...

  • Ubisoft offering Altair skin for Prince of Persia

    The latest Prince of Persia has an interestingly close relationship with Assassin's Creed - both games are developed by Ubisoft's Montreal studio, both are powered by the same Scimitar engine, and both feature astonishingly acrobatic protagonists. Ubisoft has made the comparison even harder to ignor...

  • Ubisoft confirms Prince of Persia pre-order edition

    Ubisoft has teamed up with online retail giants to deliver a special pre-order incentive for the hotly anticipated adventure romp, Prince of Persia. Available exclusively through, consumers who pre-order the game will receive a number of goodies, including a comic book, a DVD f...

  • Prince of Persia DLC will be "significant"

    According to a video interview conducted by Gamersyde, Prince of Persia Producer Ben Mattes has confirmed that the downloadable content for the title will “add significant value.” Mattes had the following to say about the content:   "We certainly have plans for downloadabl...

Prince of Persia Features

  • Game of the Month: December 2008

    In November, we shocked a lot of readers in choosing Valkyria Chronicles over the much hyped and anticipated sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man. With a beautifully crafted watercolor style and a strategic element blended into a third-person shooter mentality, Valkyria Chronicles is easily one of the ...

  • Prince of Persia Interview with Ben Mattes

    Prince of Persia is not only a re-invigoration of storied franchise, but also the last heavy hitter of 2008. Last week, Ubisoft held a special event for the media to get some hands-on time with the title. While I wasn't busy playing the game, I snagged a comprehensive one-on-one interview with Ben M...

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