Ubisoft confident in Prince of Persia sales performance

Ubisoft’s Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez has said that his company expects Prince of Persia to turn in a solid performance at retail, noting the chances of the game shifting 2.5 – 3 million copies "is clearly achievable".

“If it goes to four or five [million], then there is an upside factor for the company," said Martinez, during the UBS Annual Global Media Conference. "If it goes to 1.5 million, then there is a downside factor."

He also observed how competition has toughened up as a result of crowded market conditions, though noted the publisher has raised its guidance "three times this year". Elsewhere, Martinez said the company is "repromoting" Far Cry 2 and is hopeful the FPS will prove a strong seller over time, with sales projections targeting in the region of 2.5 – 3 million.

Stay tuned of our review of Prince of Persia in the near future.