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Sports Champions 2
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Fall 2012
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Fall 2012
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Zindagi Games, SCE San Diego Studio
Sony Computer Entertainment
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0 of 1166 Games
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Exclusive to PlayStation 3.

About Sports Champions 2

Sports Champions 2 is the follow-up to the multi-million selling 2010 original, and sees players utilizing PlayStation Move to experience a wealth of new challenges such as boxing, golf, plus a new and improved archery game.



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Not the most attractive selection of sports on offer, but a shed load of content, solid local multiplayer and smooth Move implementation makes Sports Champions 2 ideal for some healthy competitive gaming between family and friends.

We like

  • Great Move implementation, particularly in Tennis, Bowling and Archery
  • Solid local multiplayer system with strong customation giving it a more personal touch
  • Lots of content with some very entertaining arcade games

We dislike

  • Skiing is soooooo boring
  • No online multiplayer. If you have no willing friends, you play alone
  • Would like to have seen some more popular sports to take advantage of Move

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Dust of your balls folks because the sequel to one of the best Move games is back. At the peak of PlayStation Move’s popularity, Sports Champions kept families and friends entertained and managed to showcase the motion-sensing technology quite superbly with its series of responsive mini-games. With such positive critical acclaim, it was inevitable that San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games would team up again to deliver a ...

Sports Champions 2 News

  • Sports Champions 2 trailer highlights upcoming PSN demo

    Releasing on the PlayStation Network later today is the demo for Sports Champions 2, one of the best titles the PlayStation Move peripheral could ask for, and Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios builds the anticipation with a trailer covering all of the new and enhanced features. The trai...

  • Sports Champions 2 release date announced

    Sony has confirmed that Sports Champions 2 will be released on October 31, 2012. The sequel to the PlayStation Move launch title includes a host of new events, such as boxing, golf, bowling, skiing plus a revamped Archery experience. Additionally, Cup Play and Free Play return from the original g...

  • Zindagi Games enhances archery for PS3 title Sports Champions 2

    An all-new, Olympic-inspired video was released this afternoon for the PlayStation Move title Sports Champions 2, and it's adding a couple interesting sports to the title series and enhancing the already-popular modes from the first game. Joining the collection of games in the Sports Champion serie...

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