Tekken 6 Features

  • In the Spotlight: Kazuya Mishima

    Few fighting games manage to conjure up as ridiculous a story line as Tekken has achieved, and at the centre of Namco Bandai’s venerable brawler stands one family: the Mishimas. Chief among this clan of crazed, power-hungry corporate bigwigs is Kazuya Mishima, son of Heihachi Mishima and prota...

  • Badass Bosses: Azazel

    Welcome back to our dedicated feature where we scrutinize the biggest, baddest bosses the PlayStation brand has to offer. Our inaugural installment tackled Uncharted 2’s bald-headed antagonist Zoran Lazarverich, who provided a memorable climatic battle to one of the greatest adventure romps of...

  • The top ten greatest Tekken endings of all time

    When it comes to Tekken, let’s not kid ourselves. While we revel at the opportunity to dish out a thorough beating to our cocky mates or pummel the less than competent A.I. in a fine display of joypad dexterity via a meticulously timed juggle combo, there’s another reason we all love a g...

  • Tekken 6 Interview

    The Tekken series is back in 2009, bigger and better than ever, according to Project Director Katsuhiro Harada. Harada took time out his busy schedule for an exclusive interview with Playstation Universe where he gives us the lowdown on the new gameplay modes, features, and environments. For the...

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