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  • TimeSplitters 4 in jeopardy as Haze dev buckles

    Nottingham-based Free Radical Design, whose work includes the TimeSplitters series and the first-person PS3 exclusive shooter, Haze, has lost almost 80 percent of its workforce as the company went into administration over the Christmas period, confirms Cameron Gunn, of Resolve Partners. The firm ...

  • Ex-Free Radical releases Timesplitters 4 concept art

    Ex-Free Radical employee Nick Carver has posted some of his concept art on for TimeSplitters 4 over on his blog. According to Carver, with Free Radical gone bust, he needs work, and has skills with low and high poly modeling, texturing, digital sculpting and concepting. "As you may be aware,...

  • TimeSplitters 4 concept art and trailer blowout

    Free Radical Design has been busy over the past few days, knocking together a trailer and concept art images for upcoming shooter sequel TimeSplitters 4. Dating from the PlayStation 2's launch in 2000, the TimeSplitters series is as known for cartoon parody as it is lightning-fast, devilishly var...

  • TimeSplitters 4 eschews Haze engine, TS2 HD remake hinted

    TimeSplitters 4 details have been few and far between since its official reveal, but the folks at PSM3 (PlayStation 3 Magazine) have snagged a few details on the upcoming shooter. According to Derek Littlewood of Free Radical, TimeSplitters 4 won't utilize the heavily-criticized Haze graphics en...

  • TimeSplitters 4 officially announced

    While we all knew it was coming, TimeSplitters 4 has now been "officially" announced. That's right - we can expect even more "crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart pounding hot sweaty action" come the games release. No date or platforms have yet been announced, th...

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