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Yakuza: Dead Souls
Yakuza: Of the End (Japan)
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March 2012
Release Date (UK):
March 16th, 2012
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M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Exclusive to PlayStation 3.

About Yakuza: Dead Souls

This seventh entry in the blockbuster action Yakuza franchise follows up on the Kenzan! and Black Leopard spin-offs by taking another wild spin off of the formula -- the streets of Kamurocho have never been more dangerous, because now they're overrun by zombies! In Yakuza: Of The End , a new threat appears in the streets of Asia's biggest red-light district – the living dead.Its streets overrun by zombies, Kamurocho is walled off by the Self Defense Force, turning thearea inside the walls into a hell on earth. The zombie infection spreads like wildfire, and the infectees prowl the streets in search of new prey.The landscape of Kamurocho is transformed, becoming a true city of the dead. Abandoned by the outside world, the few survivors inside the wall are beset by despair as they struggle to escape the quarantine area.But even now, in Kamurocho's darkest hour, four indomitable men stand strong.Shun Akiyama, a mysterious loan shark who will lend to anybody. Goro Majima, a one-eyed gangster known and feared as "Mad Dog." Ryuji Goda, a Ryu (dragon) of the Kansai district who recently awakened from a long sleep. And Kazuma Kiryu, former gangster and living legend. These four men set out into the streets of Kamurocho to protect what is dear to them. Yakuza: Of The End incorporates the "Gunshot Battle" system that lets players of all types enjoy the thrill of battle like never before. Each of the game's four main characters faces off against zombie hordes and gigantic creatures wielding his own signature weapons: Shun Akiyama armed with two guns, Goro Majima with a monster shotgun, Ryuji Goda with his devastating right arm, and the most fearsome of all, Kazuma Kiryu.



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Yakuza: Dead Souls doesn't reinvent the zombie shooter with its simple combat scheme, but mowing down the walking dead in their hundreds and executing some neat special moves provides some frantically-paced arcade-styled thrills.

We like

  • Enjoyable storyline, impressive production, slick animation
  • Taking down zombies with style with the cinematic special moves
  • Clearing a room of zombies with a machine gun is definitely good fun

We dislike

  • Jerky camera angles can irritate
  • Basic combat system with auto lock-on means simple pointing and shooting wins the day
  • Repetitive zombie-slaying against hundreds of generic enemies

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re caving in their rotten brains with a baseball bat, ripping apart their stomachs with a dozen bullets from a machine gun, or slicing off their limbs with a machete: killing zombies is fun. And with the continued belief that gamers just can’t get enough of it, it’s no real surprise to see another familiar franchise succumb to the ever-popular trend of cracking zombie skull...

Yakuza: Dead Souls News

  • Yakuza: Dead Souls dated for Europe

    SEGA’s confirmed that zombie actioner Yakuza: Dead Souls will be released in Europe on March 16, 2012. The blood-drenched actioner launched in Japan last year under the name Yakuza: Of the End, and sees Kazuma Kiryu and chums battling the undead in Kamurocho. Elsewhere, SEGA also announc...

  • Yakuza: Dead Souls 'who's got your back' trailer

    SEGA’s exhumed a maggot-infested Yakuza: Dead Souls trailer to whet your appetite ahead of the game’s western launch this spring. Titled ‘Who’s Got Your Back,’ the trailer can be seen below. Yakuza: Dead Souls is a spin-off entry in the popular advent...

  • Yakuza: Dead Souls gets character trailer

    SEGA has lifted the curtains on a character-themed trailer for upcoming zombie romp Yakuza: Dead Souls, otherwise known as Yakuza: Of the End in its native Japan. Check it out below and acquaint yourselves with the game’s colourful line-up of undead-mashing heroes. Dead Souls is due out in th...

  • Blood-drenched Yakuza: Dead Souls screens released

    SEGA’s unveiled a shambling batch of Yakuza: Dead Souls screenshots for your consumption. Check out a few teaser images below, and then mosey on down to our Dead Souls gallery to view the full bunch. Yakuza: Dead Souls will be released exclusively on PlayStation 3 in March 2012. ...

  • SEGA unveils Yakuza: Dead Souls trailer

    Following yesterday’s announcement that Yakuza: Dead Souls (aka Yakuza: Of the End) will be coming to the west in March 2012, SEGA’s unboxed a blood-drenched announcement trailer for the zombie/gangster romp for you to gawp at. Check it out below. Dead Souls features an all-star cast o...

  • SEGA confirms Yakuza: Of the End for western release

    Yakuza: Dead Souls, otherwise known by its Japanese title Yakuza: Of the End, will be released in North America and Europe in March 2012, SEGA has confirmed. The western release of the gangster-zombie actioner will throw in a new Pachislot mini-game, as well as two previously unplayable characters ...

  • Yakuza: Of The End heading west?

    SEGA’s filed a European trademark by the name of Yakuza: Dead Souls, indicating the publisher is looking to release Yakuza: Of The End outside of its native Japan. The gangster zombie shooter was released in the Land of the Rising Sun earlier this year, though up until now at least SEGA has r...

  • Yakuza franchise ships five million units worldwide

    SEGA’s celebrated gangster-brawler franchise Yakuza has shipped five million units globally since its inception in 2005. In addition, the firm also confirmed that the latest entry, zombie-themed blaster Yakuza: Of the End, has shipped 400,000 copies in just two weeks. Seven Yakuza games ...

  • SEGA confirms June launch for Yakuza: Of the End

    Zombie blaster Yakuza: Of the End will be shambling into stores across Japan on June 9, SEGA has announced. The news comes in light of the firm’s decision to postpone the game’s original March launch due to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster. In addition, SEGA also reveal...

  • Celebs fill zombies full of lead in Yakuza: Of the End clips

    SEGA’s unwrapped a couple of videos on the recent demo of Yakuza: Of the End, shining the spotlight on some of the game’s voice talent getting to grips with the gangster-brawler-turned-zombie shooter. The celeb-packed hands-on spectacle includes snippets of pint-sized Kill Bill actres...

Yakuza: Dead Souls Features

  • Yakuza:Dead Souls exclusive zombie killing gameplay

    Trading in dragon punches and roundhouse kicks for shotguns and machine guns, SEGA has taken its thinking man’s brawler in a whole new direction with its latest game, Yakuza Dead Souls. Zombies have flooded the neon-lit city of Kamurochô, so gone are those leisurely days spending time s...

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