Virtua Fighter 5 Cheats

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Unlock Dural
Finish Arcade mode once with every character.

Unlock DOJO Training Stages
Complete the Time Attack Mode in training once with any character. Once completed, go to VS. mode, select your characters, then press Up twice or Down twice.

If you press Up (2) you will unlock the DOJO without the fence.
If you press Down (2) you will unlock the DOJO with the fence.

Unlock character costumes C and D
For any character, reaching the rank of 1st Dan in Quest mode will earn you Costume C. By completing any character's first orb disc, you will earn that character's costume D.

Virtua Fighter 2 Saturn Classic Watch Mode

Select VFTV, then select Exhibition Match. Now, at the character screen, press and hold L1+R1, then hit X. If done correctly, a confirmation tone and musical jingle will ring.

How to hear "SEGA" Theme

Hold the O button while the game is loading up. When the screen switches to the "SEGA" logo, you'll hear the tune from the original Sega console.

Custom Characters in Movie Theatre

In the VFTV Movie Theatre, hold left on the d-pad when pressing X to select the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen demo moves. The movies will now feature your customized versions of those characters.

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