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Sub Genre:
Third Person
Release Date (US):
September 4th, 2007
Release Date (UK):
November 23rd, 2007
Online Players:
Factor 5
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
45 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
43 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Only on PS3

About Lair

Lair is a next gen title that incorporates high flying acrobatics and immense environments with spectacular dragon duels and vast battling armies to bring you one of the most anticipated games for the PS3.



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Lair is definitely a stupendous game with astonishing gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a soothing soundtrack. The only thing that dents Lair from becoming all that it potentially could have been is definitely the temperate replayability that arises from the linear gameplay. Despite all these issues, the game inculcates a sense of visceral excitement to anyone who gets his/her hands on it.

We like

  • Unparalleled graphics
  • Astonishing storyline and incredible soundtrack
  • Great Sixaxis controls and precision aiming

We dislike

  • Linear gameplay makes for a slight tease
  • FMV's instead of live real-time cinematics
  • Moderate replayability

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Dragon’s seem scary. At least, they seemed that way according to mythical stories of fire breathing giants, known only for their plight and destruction upon the different human civilizations of the middle ages. The dragons in Lair, however, are different. Looking pleasing with stunning visuals and some clever uses of the Sixaxis controller, Lair sets the mark for the best dragon oriented game of all time and underscores ...




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Lair News

  • Factor 5's U.S. studio is no more

    California-based studio Factor 5 has officially closed its doors, CEO Achim Moller said in a statement on the company’s website yesterday. The studio was reported to have folded last December, though this was never confirmed. The developer, best known for their work on the critically acclai...

  • Lair patch has gone live

    The patch that enables analog control for the PlayStation 3 title, Lair, has finally gone live.  It appears as though it is only available within the European market at this time; however, we fully expect it to be available within North America in just a short while.  The patch is a decent...

  • Sony confirms Lair analogue controls on the way

    Sony of Japan has revealed that Factor 5’s Dragon title Lair will be receiving analogue control support via a free update later this month. In addition to the above, the update will also introduce a targeting icon, along with DualShock 3 support. The company also confirmed it is releasi...

  • Amazon slashes $23.00 off Lair

    North American readers looking for a quick bargain may be tempted to point their browsers over to’s page for the PlayStation 3 title, Lair. The online retail giant has lowered the price of the Factor 5 title from USD 59.99 to USD 36.99, saving you approximately USD 23.00 Lair ...

  • Lair score wins IFMCA award

    After receiving heavy criticism on its launch, The PlayStation 3 exclusive, Lair, has finally received some positive recognition from the media. The International Film Music Critics Association announced their 2007 award winners, and this year was the debut of the award for Best Original Score f...

  • More traditional controls to materialize for Lair?

    Gamers who aren't so fond of motion control may have overlooked the high-flying dragon title, Lair, which came out last summer to an overwhelming amount of critical detestation, largely due to its controls. Lair relied almost solely on the motion sensing capabilities of the Sixaxis, which turned out...

  • Retailers explain UK Lair delay

    Retail giant GAME has stated that the UK release of Lair was delayed due to the absence of an age rating sticker on the game disc. The Factor 5-developed title was originally scheduled to go on sale in the UK on November 9. However, employees at GAME revealed to CVG "the reason Lair has ...

  • Lair delayed in Europe

    November 9 was supposed to be the day when the European market finally got their hands on the highly sought after PS3 exclusive, Lair. Unfortunately however, we can report that the game has in fact been pushed back a whole fortnight. November 23 will be the new day of destination for all you flyi...

  • Lair cracks Japanese top ten

    Factor 5’s mythical Dragon adventure Lair has managed to crack the Japanese top ten in its first week of release, entering the charts at number seven. The game, released in late August in North America and Europe just last month, sold a total of 22,000 units for the week ended October 14, a...

  • Sony releasing Lair review guide

    The PlayStation 3 exclusive title Lair has been subjected to a slew of negative press since its release last month, with reviewers specifically targeting the games Sixaxis motion sensing controls. However, in a bid to give gamers and journalist a better understanding of the games content, Sony Com...

Lair Features

  • PSU Interview: Lair

    PSU recently had the chance to interview with Factor 5’s co-founder and president, Julian Eggebrecht about his inspiring new game called ‘Lair’ for PlayStation 3. What is the story behind the characters and civilizations at war in Lair? The Asylians and Mokai split many gene...

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