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PSU talks with Stranglehold Director, Brian Eddy and Senior Producer Alex Offermann.

PSU: Since Stranglehold is a video-game sequel to the movie Hard Boiled, how much of the game is story driven vs. free roaming/player choices?

What we are trying to do with Stranglehold is to allow gamers to play a John Woo movie – and I must say, I definitely think we have nailed it! Much of the Stranglehold experience is linear because we are paying homage to John Woo’s style of action, however, there are several “sandbox-type” areas where players can take different paths to complete a mission/objective and are rewarded for doing so.

PSU: What other talent do you have lined up besides Chow Yun Fat for Stranglehold?

Besides being directed by acclaimed action director John Woo and starring international action hero Chow Yun-Fat, we will have additional talent that we are currently not discussing at the moment (but we will very soon)!



PSU: How much of the actual environment is destructible? And can objects (broken or otherwise) be used as a weapon?

Because we have an unprecedented level of environmental destruction in Stranglehold and players can use our trademarked “Massive D™” to their advantage in game-play, almost every encounter in the game is unique and interesting. Every single object in the environment can be completely and utterly destroyed. As players progress through the different environments they learn new ways to take down enemies by using the various weapons in the game, OR if they pay close enough to their surroundings, they’ll see different and exciting ways to use the environment to kill enemies during an intense gun battle.

For instance, in one of the boss battles there are giant ornate statues in the room, and if the player shoots out a leg of the statue, it will fall over and damage the boss. We also have lots of cases were the player or enemies can utilize cover that erodes from fire, as well as many more places where an observant player can use the destructibility of the environment to get one over on the enemies.

PSU: How are the controls set up for Tequila Time style fighting and stunts? Do you plan on using the PS3’s SIXAXIS for anything?

Setting up the controls to be intuitive and easy to manage allowing gamers a truly intense action yet cinematic experience was very important to us. Everything is a one button interaction. Tequila Time is turned on automatically when a player engages an enemy that is in the reticle, providing players with the capability of taking down enemies if a variety of stylistic ways – running down banisters, swinging on chandeliers, diving onto rollcarts, all the while engaging in intense, dramatic gun battles that will leave your palms sweaty.

For the most HARDCORE games, players can automatically trigger tequila time, if they’d choose to have more control.

We are trying out a few ideas with the SIXAXIS controller to enhance the PS3 play but we aren’t sure yet whether they will all work out.



PSU: How many weapons are planned for the game and what would you say is your weapon of choice?

One of the team’s favorite’s are the dual-handed pistols, but there are a variety of other weapons, like machine guns, shotguns, sniper riffles and grenades that are just as fun and intense to use in the game.

PSU: If and when can we expect to see a demo on PSN/XBL?

Currently, we do have plans to release a demo, but have not finalized the timing.

PSU: What's being planned for the multiplayer aspect of Stranglehold? What types of modes will there be, how many players will be supported, downloadable content, etc.?

We can confirm that there will be multiplayer in the game, but we are not ready to discuss details at this time.

PSU: What is the expected release date for Stranglehold?

August 2007

PSU: Anything else you’d like to add about the game or the games development?

We’d love to hear about all excitement, difficulties, and accomplishments that the team has gone though to make this game possible! We can’t wait for people to get their ... (continued on next page)
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