NCAA Football 08 Cheats

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At the Pennant Collection screen, press Select, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:




Result                       Code




2004 All-American team              FUMBLE




Alabama All-time team            ROLL TIDE




Arizona mascot team        BEAR DOWN




Arkansas All-time team   WOOPIGSOOIE




Auburn All-time team         WAR EAGLE




Baylor All-time team                  SIC EM




Clemson All-time team   DEATH VALLEY




Colorado All-time team                  GLORY




Florida All-time team    GREAT TO BE




Florida State All-time team         UPRISING




Georgia All-time team   HUNKER DOWN




Georgia Tech mascot team    RAMBLINWRECK




Illinois All-time team     OSKEE WOW




Iowa All-time team             ON IOWA




Iowa State mascot team  RED AND GOLD




Kansas mascot team     ROCK CHALK




Kansas State All-time team       VICTORY




Kentucky mascot team     ON ON UK




LSU All-time team     GEAUX TIGERS




Miami All-time team     RAISING CANE




Michigan All-time team     GO BLUE




Michigan State mascot team      GO GREEN




Minnesota mascot team        RAH RAH RAH




Mississippi State All-time team      HAIL STATE




Missouri All-time team      MIZZOU RAH




Nebraska All-time team         GO BIG RED




North Carolina All-time team    RAH RAH




North Carolina State mascot team         GO PACK




Notre Dame All-time team        GOLDEN DOMER




Northwestern mascot team       GO CATS




Ohio State All-time team           KILLER NUTS




Oklahoma All-time team           BOOMER




Oklahoma State All-time team  GO POKES




Ole Miss mascot team  HOTTY TOTTY




Oregon All-time team   QUACK ATTACK




Penn State All-time team           WE ARE




Pittsburgh All-time team            LETS GO PITT




Purdue All-time team    BOILER UP




South Carolina mascot team      GO CAROLINA




Syracuse All-time team ORANGE CRUSH




Tennessee All-time team           BIG ORANGE




Texas A&M All-time team        GIG EM




Texas Longhorns All-time team     HOOK EM




Texas Tech All-time team         FIGHT




UCLA All-time team    MIGHTY




USC All-time team       FIGHT ON




Virginia All-time team   WAHOOS




Virginia Tech All-time team       TECH TRIUMPH




Wake Forest mascot team        GO DEACS GO




Washington All-time team         BOW DOWN




Washington Sate mascot team   ALL HAIL




West Virginia mascot team        HAIL WV




Wisconsin All-time team           U RAH RAH


# Statue Of Liberty play


The only way you can use the Statue Of Liberty play is by using Boise State's offensive playbook. It is found in I Form-Normal and is labeled as "Statue".


# Jumping the field


When you are about five yards from the opponent's end zone, select a HB Dive as a play. As soon as the HB gets the ball, tap Square. You should now ... (continued on next page)

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