WipeOut Pure Cheats

  • Posted January 1st, 2007 at 23:11 EDT by Seb Hayes

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Gallery Art
Choose Profile and then Progress, and press X over any tracks on which you've earned Gold.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Karbonis Track (Classic)

Earn Gold in the eight (8) Alpha and Beta league courses.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Medieval Team
Earn 70 Gold medals

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Zone Team

Earn Gold medals on all four Zone tracks.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Craft Classes

    * Flash - Complete Alpha, Beta, and Ascension with gold standards.
    * Livery - Complete the Ascension Tournament with vehicles from the Flash class.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: New Tournaments

    * Beta - Clear Alpha courses with gold standard
    * Ascension - Clear Beta courses with gold standard

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Classic Tracks

Earn all gold in each difficulty class to unlock a classic track.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Livery Mode
Complete the Ascension Tournament in the Flash vehicle class.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Manor Top Track (Classic)

Earn 40 Gold Medals.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Phantom Class
Obtain a medal in the Flash Ascension

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Mandarshee Track (Classic )

Get 60 Gold Medals.

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Ranks

    * 0 golds: Rookie
    * 12 golds: Trainee
    * 24 golds: Amateur
    * 36 golds: Geek
    * 48 golds: Enthusiast
    * 60 golds: Addict
    * 72 golds: Veteran
    * 84 golds: Master
    * 96 golds: Guru
    * 108 golds: Junkie
    * 120 golds: Legend
    * 132 golds: Purist

WipEout Pure Unlockable: Gamma and Decension Tournaments

Get a gold, silver, or bronze medal in all four Gamma tracks.

WipEout Pure Hint: Speed Boost

Press the accelerate key when the light turns green to get a speed boost. When in airborne, press LEFT and RIGHT repeatedly in quick succcession to get a speed boost upon landing.

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