When can we expect a Warhawk demo?

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SCEA believes "Warhawk was designed to support up to 32-players online simultaneously. In a demo version of a multiplayer only game, there is little control over how many players will be on a dedicated server at a time, potentially leading to smaller online battles that do not fully do justice to the title's fast combat and frantic play. Additionally, Warhawk development underwent an extensive beta trial that included nearly 10,000 participants, which offered a wide audience ample opportunity to experience the game and provide valuable feedback to during Warhawk's development."

What seemed to be hope for a demo is now lost according to SCEA. If you're on the fence about whether or not to buy Warhawk, it appears you will need to find another avenue to try for yourself, or simply pick the game up.

Warhawk is a multiplayer-only game which features a bunch of maps varying in sizes up to 32 players. Either competing online or over LAN, you can take control of planes, tanks, and jeeps to progress as a team or independently. You can earn medals and receive rewards for certain achievements and according to the developer, Incognito Entertainment, the awards and medals may be shown as trophies in PlayStation Home.

Warhawk is an action packed title and will keep you playing for hours on end.

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Source: Biz Gamedaily

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