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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Combining an intense single-player campaign with addicting online multiplayer, Call of Duty 4 is one of the first must buy titles of the holiday season.

We like

  • Immersive single-player storyline with great replay value
  • Stunning Visuals running at a solid 60fps
  • Great Multiplayer

We dislike

  • Ally A.I. in early missions is a bit overpowering
  • PS3 version has a few problems with online servers

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Moving away from cliché World War 2 story types of the past, developer Infinity Ward brings players a fresh new experience in the modern world of terrorism and nuclear warfare. For those of you who are still stuck playing Resistance Fall of Man, with nothing else available to help make your PS3 shine, look no further - Call of Duty 4 offers everything and more with its photo realistic graphics to its thrilling multiplayer gameplay.

To start things off, let’s talk about the single player. In Call of Duty 4, players will traverse across many different countries playing as two different soldiers. The game begins with Sgt. John "Soap" MacTavish, and a young Capt. Price boarding a barge from helicopter during a storm on the sea. This part of the story plays as prologue, 15 years before the general events of the game take place.

What’s great about this opening level (entitled “Crew Expendable”) is it helps the player get fully immersed in the action. After you collect the target data, the ship is hit with a missile and it’s a race to the top before the water gushing in entraps you and your squad. The tilting camera as the ship sinks and soundtrack alone get your blood pumping.

After the prologue, players move to present day, taking control of U.S. Marine, Sgt. Paul Jackson. Shipped to the Middle East, Sgt. Jackson must find and terminate a terrorist group lead by a man named Imran Zakhaev. What’s so bad about this guy you say? Well the fact that he has nuclear missiles and is leading a revolt to return Russia to its former self as the Soviet Union, kind of makes him a little on the unpopular side.

As you progress through the first Act one of the more appealing levels has to be “The Bog”. Taking place at night, players will have the primary objective to save a crew of an Abrams tank stranded in the desert. What’s unique about The Bog is that this is the first level you utilize night vision as well as lock on rockets. Also, it was one of the first levels to show off Call of Duty 4’s A.I. Players will notice that not only will enemies take cover and throw grenades, but they will flank you, deploying units from multiple angles using cover fire to engage you and your fellow troops.

At the end of Act I, Sgt. Jackson finds himself caught in a nuclear explosion. After extracting fellow commutates, terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb in the center of the Middle Eastern capital, wiping out all entering U.S. forces as well as the escape helicopter Sgt. Jackson is aboard. Surviving the crash, you crawl out onto the desolate terrain only to die moments later for radiation poisoning.

Once Act I is over, players jump in the shoes of Sgt. John "Soap" MacTavish, seen earlier in the prologue. Teamed up with Captain Price, players move from the Middle East to areas in and outside of Russia. Everything from stealth sniper action to Rambo style demolition missions follow, eventually leading to a cool slow-motion matrix style shoot out with the ultimate nemesis you’ve been tracking throughout the whole game.

When looking at mission types, Call of Duty 4 offers a wide range of different objectives that you and your squad must accomplish, some very linear and some offering multiple paths to your checkpoints. Things you may encounter include everything from defending specific locations to rescuing and escorting VIP members to safe extraction points.

For example, in “All Gillied Up”, you must sneak your way into an encampment using the grass cover of your gilly suit. Once in position, you use your sniper rifle to assassinate a lead terrorist, only to be followed by waves of enemy troops and attack dogs. After you make it through the surging enemy forces you and your teammate must run to the extraction point where your helicopter is waiting.

All together the single player campaign should keep you occupied for at least 8-9 hours, if not ... (continued on next page)

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