Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Cheats

  • Posted November 21st, 2007 by

Cheat Mode

Enter the "Rewards" menu. Enter the appropriate section, highlight one of the following options, then enter the code when prompted to unlock the corresponding item. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

    Costumes (Heroes): Baseball shirt Drake

    Press Left, Right, Down, Up, Triangle, R1, L1, Square.

    Making A Cutscene: Time's Up

    Press L1, Right, Square, Down, Left, Triangle, R1, Up.

    Making A Cutscene: Grave Robbing

    Press Left, R2, Right, Up, L2, Triangle, Square, Down.

    Concept Art: Bonus 1

    Press L2, Right, Up, Square, Left, Triangle, R1, Down.

    Concept Art: Bonus 2

    Press Square, L1, Right, Left, Down, R2, Triangle, Up

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