Member Spotlight: Round 6

  • Posted April 5th, 2008 at 12:37 EDT by

We’ve finally hit Round 6 together and I thought I’d mark this great job of consistency by interviewing one of the craziest posters that PS3 Forums has to offer.  I sat down Miamiman like a Chris Hanson interview, “Just take a seat over there please, please take a seat,” and things went downhill from there.  This is by far the most light-hearted interview yet, but we’re still young in the process and I’m sure we’ll find another one down the road.  So without much else to say, bring on the crazy.

Dave Wales:  Miami, you seem to be all over the ban section like you own it, do you?

Miamiman:  Please David, call me Jed. We know each other well enough to go by our first names.

 I’d like to think so, but I have a ways to go before I can even break the top 5 in posts for that thread. People may look down upon it, thinking it as mindless banter and post count padding. It may be, but the ban thread has grown into something much more. It’s a mainstay to these forums. It’s our Alamo. When I’m old and gray and retired from the internets, I’ll always remember the Ban Thread; the people, the tears, the laughter, and the stupidity. It’s a community within the PS3Forums community (kind of like the subscriber thread *wink*).

We’re actually coming up on 100,000 posts in that thread. It’s probably not a big deal and it will most likely be very anti-climatic when the time comes, but hey, it’s something to look forward to and we’ll probably throw some SP into a pot and give it to whoever gets that post.

Dave Wales:  Please, call me Dave, don’t be so formal.  You seem to be a pretty well liked guy on the forums, what do you attribute to that?

Miamiman: I attribute it to being the exact opposite of you. Joke man…You know I love you. Anyway, I really can’t put my finger on it. I’ve heard that I’m pretty funny, but there are posters out there that are way funnier than me. Everybody knows Carsonal is just the epitome of witty and you sir, you’re pretty high up there when it comes to snide remarks. MiNiMaL sAnItY lives up to his namesake and WonsAuto is surprisingly funny in the Subscriber Section. You wouldn’t expect that from a QPI member, those squares…But I digress.

I think another reason I’m pretty “well liked” is because I’m willing to just talk to anybody about anything. I do it all the time at my job, trying to milk people for tips no matter how boring the conversation is. Yet, I think the main reason that people like me so much is because I give out SP. I don’t buy icons so I don’t really need the stuff and Chadwick gave me the custom user-title for being a sub, so I really have nothing to save for. I have given it away to people on the forums that I don’t know, but now that those threads pop-up asking for SP, I think I’m going to give that up. From now on, I’ll probably only shell out SP if I know you or if you’re a veteran poster. Yeah, you heard me noobs, no more freebies.

Dave Wales: Yeah, Carsonal is a solid poster; I enjoy a lot of his posts that I don’t think too many people get.  You're very active throughout the community, but aren't really a Quality Poster, do you feel that's true?

Miamiman: It depends on what your definition of a quality poster is. I seem to recall a member, kflashin saying my posts are made of win.

Seriously though, I know that I don’t post much in the main sections of the boards. The first 8 months that I was on these forums, I only had 6 posts, mostly in part because I was trying so hard to make these so called “quality posts.” You know, friendly debating, answering questions, the whole nine. Some fanboys even deterred me from returning to the site for a while, but when I came back I strolled down to find the General Chit Chat section and the Ban Thread and my PS3Forums life changed forever. ... (continued on next page)

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