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(continued from previous page) ...heart the game offers an incredibly well balanced experience that is ultimately more dependant on skill rather than the character you use.

Much like the Facebreaker, there are three other levels of breakers you can utilize. These involve air breaks and ground breakers. Each one is unique to the style of character you’re using and once again adds to the overall experience that EA has created for users.

On top of all of this, the developer has also added an awesome feature where you’ll be able to record various accomplishments. For example, if you knock someone out in 8 seconds, you’ll see this record added to your profile and the characters head will be awarded as a trophy. Needless to say, this feature added an entire dimension of bragging rights to the game, which also extends into the game's online component, allowing you to take the title online and actually claim the heads of your fallen opponents through this mode as well.
Overall, I couldn’t believe how impressed I was with Facebreaker. With its unique character line-up, seamless controls and hilarious list of maneuvers to learn and perform, EA has come up with something truly unique in a market abundant with sequels. Whether you want to beat on your buddies or rack up the victories online, FaceBreaker has it all and is shaping up to be more than worth the wait come its release this fall.

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