Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats

  • Posted October 10th, 2008 at 16:05 EDT by Joseph Lustig

Having a bad day? Is your Force power pitiful? Fear not, for a solution is in sight. Here's a comprehensive list of The Force Unleashed cheats that will make your foes drop like flies.

ADEGAN: Unlocks full lightsaber throw
BLACKHOLE: Unlocks Shadow-Trooper costume
BRUTALSTAB: Unlocks Lightsaber Impale skill
DANTOOINE: Unlocks ceremonial Jedi robes
EXARKUN: All force push ranks unlocked
FERAL: Unlocks scout trooper costume
FREEDON: Unlocks new combo
HARDBOILED: Unlocks Drunken Kota costume
HOLOCRON: Unlocks Sith robes
HURRIKANE: Unlocks all lightsaber crystals
JOCASTA: All Skills Unlocked
KATARN: Unlocks/Maxes out all force powers
KORRIBAN: Unlocks the Sith Stalker Armor
LIGHTSABER: Amplified damage
LUMIYA: Unlocks new combo
MANDALORE: Play as General Rahm Kota
MARAJADE: Unlocks new combo
MASSASSI: Unlocks new combo
MASTERMIND: Unlocks Emperor costume
MINDTRICK: Unlocks mirrored mode
MOLDYCROW: Unlocks all force combos
OSSUS: All databank entries unlocked
PROTOTYPE: Unlocks Proxy costume
SAZEN: Unlocks new combo
SOHNDANN: Unlocks all costumes
TK421BLUE: Unlocks stormtrooper commander costume
RAGNOS: Unlocks new combo
VICEROY: Unlocks Bail Organa costume
WOOKIEE: Unlocks Kento's robes
YADDLE: Unlocks new combo

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