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Valkyria Chronicles

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Valkyria Chronicles is the JRPG experience that PlayStation 3 owners have been waiting for.

We like

  • The cohesive gameplay elements
  • The engaging story
  • The quality voice acting

We dislike

  • The lack of control during Enemy Phases

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(continued from previous page) ...their facial features or just the way they react to certain situation, each character has its own personality that brings them to the forefront of the game. This also leads into the brilliant audio portion of the title.

Each character (including side characters) is given a distinct voice and personality no matter how small of a role they may play in the title. This is something other RPGs should take note, as it makes the game world that much more believable. Valkyria Chronicles also features a soundtrack composed by the same man that scored Final Fantasy XII, Hitoshi Sakimoto. Although Sakimoto’s compositions here are beautiful in their own right, they do tend to get a little repetitive from time to time, though this isn’t really a major issue.

PlayStation 3 owners have been crying, scrambling, petitioning, yelling, moaning and whining for great roleplaying games on their platform of choice – now they have a defining title within that genre. Valkyria Chronicles offers 25-30 hours of gameplay that features tremendous amounts of replayability. Any PS3 owner that loves RPGs and is expecting developers to continue to offer these exclusive titles on the console should go out and purchase Valkyria Chronicles.

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