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Winners Announced: Once again, we'd like to thank everyone for participating in our Beyond the Game feature. This is something we, as a site, enjoy doing and providing you, our readers with. Unfortunately, like all of our other contests, everyone can't be winners. However, we're always doing giveaways, so your turn has to come eventually, right?

The winners of these Rock Band 2 and album bundles are Comments #11 and #51. Please send me an email at dave.wales [@] psu [dot] com with your mailing address and we'll have these shipped to you by the end of next week.


Beyond the Game: Rock Band 2 is our fourth installment in the Beyond the Game series here at PlayStation Universe. Thus far we've gone beyond the game and into the music with games like FIFA 09, Need for Speed Undercover and even Burnout Paradise. However, what would it be like to go beyond a game based completely around music? We wanted to find out, so we spoke with the two founding members of Bang Camaro, Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea, to go beyond the music of Rock Band 2.

Much like the Beyond the Game articles of the past, entry details in order to win a copy of Rock Band 2 and an album from Bang Camaro will be placed at the end of the feature.


PSU: It's no secret that you guys have gone in a completely different direction than every band out there. I'd like to know exactly what the definition of "Lead Vocalist" is to a band like Bang Camaro and how many you currently have.

ALEX: Our definition of lead vocalist is pretty much the same as any other band. The only difference in our direction from that of other bands is we have anywhere between 6 and 15 vocalists singing together at the same time. Our guys have mastered a lot of the same deep knee bends, musical grimaces, and fist pumping you may see in bands that have just one puny singer.

BRYN: Most of our singers were lead singers of their own bands, so we are working with a talented bunch of guys.


PSU: You guys got your start in Guitar Hero 2 due to your ability to push out strong vocals and guitar shredding talents. What is it like for you guys to truly be discovered and have your music appreciated on such a massive level?

ALEX: It’s been unbelievable. I can barely leave my really massive house because of the hordes of videogame fans that stalk me at every turn. Sometimes when I go out I just want to be able to eat in peace and read my Hunter S. Thompson books. It’s very lonely at the top.

BRYN: What Alex is trying to say is that we were really lucky to get picked up and placed in some big video games…. But we’re still poor and eat at taco bell. Spare change anyone?

PSU: According to a recent MTV Video, Bang Camaro was actually forced to recruit lead vocalists while on tour because the band couldn't afford to bring all 20 members with them. What was that experience like for you?

ALEX: We have met a lot of great singers along the way. Case in point, we have a group of 4 singers in the Chicago area who come out and sing with us every time we come through the area. They are a great group of guys and I look forward to seeing them on every tour. In other parts of the country, the talent pool has been a little bit smaller, but we’re seeing new people crop up all the time.

BRYN: We just picked up 2 guys from Philadelphia that are going to tour with us this time around.


PSU: It's no secret that Bang Camaro absolutely exploded onto the scene after several industry figures noticed your songs being sold and downloaded at an alarming rate on both MySpace and iTunes. Did you ever think you would have that effect on people who have started listening ... (continued on next page)

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