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(continued from previous page) ...have started listening to your music religiously?

ALEX: Yes.

BRYN: Ha. We didn’t think people were going to like us at all. Our first shows were terrifying. We would just look at each other and ask “Are we really going to play some epic hard rock songs in front of a room full of idie-rockers?!” Then we did, and it was sweet.

PSU: Can you explain to our readers what the phenomenon known as "Camaro Thursdays" means?

ALEX: When we first started the band, instead of releasing an album we wanted to find a new way to get our music out there while keeping the band fresh in people’s minds. So we decided to release a new single every other week for an entire summer. We chose Thursdays because it’s the perfect day to get the weekend started early. It took off, so when it came time to put out a single for our second record, we opted to push the concept further by releasing a song every other Thursday for almost 3 months.

BRYN: It was also a good excuse for us to leave our houses and throw a party at our practice space.

PSU: Your music has recently been featured in key games like Rock Band and Rock Band 2. What has the impact been like overall for the recognition Bang Camaro is receiving?

ALEX: Video games like Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band have had an enormous impact for us. When those games were released we did not have a record available in major record stores nor did we have the benefit of airplay on commercial rock radio. But, because of the popularity of these games we were able to get in the van and tour across the US and Canada and play for large crowds everywhere. We owe a lot of our initial exposure to the game developers at Harmonix.

BRYN: Sometimes we get recognized at Taco Bell.

PSU: Do you happen to have a "Gaming Moment in History" that you achieved while gaming that you can share with us?

ALEX: I won 20 dollars in arcade tokens in a coloring contest once. I think I had to color a bunny playing Pac-Man.

BRYN: Back when I was working at Irrational Games (now 2K-Boston), I beat our in-house Starcraft champion with my legions of screaming Terrans. It was a major upset, and took about 2 years to happen. I was very proud of myself, and he was unable to cope with the loss.


PSU: Outside of the obvious Rock Band titles, since you've already conquered that market, which games would you like to see your music featured in most?

ALEX: I would love to see my music featured in any video game that features zombies. I don’t care what kind of zombies. Also, FIFA.

BRYN: Dante’s Inferno

PSU: If you can, please rank your band members in order from least talented to most talented on the gaming front. Don't be shy, we know you can do it.

ALEX: I rank Justin Buckley as most talented because he is a college student and hasn’t done anything productive in his life other than master every song in Rock Band at the expert level. I rank myself the worst.

BRYN: Morgan Brown is a our resident uber-geek. I’ve heard that while hanging out with groupies, he talks to them about video games and tornadoes. (Because they both rule…. Also this is a true story.)

PSU: What do I have to do to become a vocalist in Bang Camaro? I sing off pitch, but with 20 other guys in tune that shouldn't be a problem. Besides, I'm also good at carrying stuff.

ALEX: If you can’t sing in key, then perhaps you can play guitar in BANG CAMARO like me. Remember to lift with your knees. My amp is heavy.

BRYN: We’re outta here!


We'd like to thank Alex and Bryn for taking the time to answer ... (continued on next page)

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