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An enjoyable, retro-infused pool game with a fiery multiplayer twist.

We like

  • Inferno Mode, in which some innovative features make for an exciting game of pool
  • Playing with friends and sabotaging their game
  • The impressive ball physics

We dislike

  • The lack of excitement outside of multiplayer 'Inferno' mode
  • Some of the garish table colors, which can make balls hard to see

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(continued from previous page) ...opponents are up to. You can see their scores getting higher and their bazookas getting full, so the combination of all these gameplay elements can really get the adrenaline pumping.

Outside of 'Inferno' mode there's actually very little to do. Well, very little that will keep you immersed. Inferno Pool slots firmly into the casual gaming market; a party game that lacks a decent array of offline game modes, but excels in the online arena. It's retro-look means that it's not the prettiest game on the PSN and some of the table colors occasionally clash with the color of the balls making it difficult to see what's going on, especially when you're screen is divided into four. But, considering its low price tag, Inferno Pool definitely represents good value for money. The accessibility of the 'Inferno' mode and the excitement it generates when four of you are playing should be enough to keep you amused.

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    Release date (US):
    May 28th, 2009
    Dark Energy
    Sports - Billiards
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